IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Demonstration Program (CVPR '05) 

San Diego, California
June 20-26, 2005

CVPR 2005 will host demonstration sessions. Submission is in two tiers: demos requiring space in the video DVD will have to be submitted by an earlier deadline. Demos submitted afterwards will be allotted no space in the video DVD. Each demo proposal will be reviewed for content and appropriatedness; acceptance will be notified to the authors according to the schedule of dates below.

Final program:

Wednesday, June 22

Rousseau Center & Foyer


D01 - The Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures System, James Wang and Jia Li

D02- RGB-Z: Mapping a Sparse Depth Map to a High Resolution RGB Camera Image, Abbas Rafii, Chris Rossbach, and Peter Zhao

D03 - Driver State Monitor from DELPHI, N.Edenborough, R.Hammoud, A.Harbach, A.Ingold, B.Kisacanin, P.Malawey, T.Newman, G.Scharenbroch, S.Skiver, M.Smith, A.Wilhelm, G.Witt, E.Yoder, and H.Zhang


D04 - Tyzx High Frame Rate Stereo System, Gaile Gordon, and Ron Buck


D05 - High-Speed Face Detection and Recognition System, Yea-Shunag Huang, Yi-Tsung Chien, and Hung-Xin Zhao


D06 – Scalable object recognition and semi-autonomous object learning with an anthropomorphic robot head, Erik Murphy-Chutorian, Hyundo Kim, Huei-ju Chen, and Jochen Triesch


D07 – A camera-assisted digital notepad, Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood, and Thomas Zimmerman


Thursday, June 23

Rousseau Center & Foyer


D08 - Herodion: A real-time, multi-camera, pixel-synchronized uncompressed video capture system, George Dramitinos, Constantin Papadas, Harlyn Baker, and Donald Tanguay


D09 - A Cellular Phone that Recognizes Your Face, Yoshihisa Ijiri, Miharu Sakuragi, Shihong Lao, and Masato Kawade


D10 - Image-based Web Search on a Mobile Platform, Tom Yeh, Kristen Grauman, and Trevor Darrell


D11 - Sublinear Indexing for Near Real-time Object Recognition of Hundreds of Objects, Jiri Matas, and Stepan Obdrzalek


D12 - Tandem Facial Tracking in Thermal Infrared Video for Physiological Measurement, J. Dowdall, I. Pavlidis, and P. Tsiamyrtzis


D13 – Real-Time Deformable Object Detection and Shape Recovery, Julien Pilet Vincent Lepetit, and Pascal Fua


D14 - Depth Edges in Real Time using Multi-Flash Camera, Amit Agrawal, Vlad Branzoi, Rama Chellappa, Rogerio Feris, Ramesh Raskar, Karhan Tan, and Matthew Turk


D15 - SLAM for Real-Time Scene Modeling from a Hand-Held Camera, Andrew J. Davison



Friday, June 24

Rousseau Center & Foyer


D16 - Headprint - A Top-Down System Using Hair for Person Recognition, H. B. Aradhye, M. A. Fischler, R. C. Bolles, and G. K. Myers


D17 – AVITRACK: Aircraft surroundings, categorized vehicles and individuals tracking for apRon’s activity model interpretation and check, James Ferryman


D18 - Detecting, Tracking and Classifying Animals in Underwater Videop, Duane Edgington, Ishbel Kerkez, Danelle Cline, Dorothy Oliver, Marc’Aurelio Ranzato, and Pietro Perona


D19 - VISTA: Vectorized Image Segmentation via Trixel Agglomeration, Lakshman Prasad, and Alexei Skourikhine


D20 – Car License Plate, Make, and Model Recognition, Louka Dlagnekov, and Serge Belongie


D21 - Interleaved Object Categorization and Segmentation, Bastian Leibe, and Bernt Schiele


D22 - Self Localizing Smart Camera Networks, Camillo J. Taylor, and Ryan Cekander



The goal of the CVPR 2005 demonstration sessions is to allow members of the computer vision community to demonstrate working vision systems in an environment that allows conference participants to view them first hand in a manner not possible in a technical talk or poster session alone. We request proposals for demonstrations from anyone in the computer vision community, including researchers, academic institutions and industry.


Demonstrations submitted before March 15, 2005 will be allotted 1 PDF page and video/code in the video DVD to be distributed at the conference. Demonstrations submitted after March 15 but before May 15, 2004 will not be given space in the DVD.   Note that these submissions are not archival publications and will not be indexed in IEEExplore.

Submission Instructions

Submit the following to nuno @

(with "CVPR demo proposal" as the subject line)

  1. Title
  2. List of Authors
  3. Contact information (name, e-mail, phone, fax)
  4. A brief description of your demonstration (max 2 page PDF document).
  5. Equipment provided by authors
  6. Resources requested from CVPR 2005, including
    • space,
    • power,
    • network connections
    • any other resources.
  7. (optional) Video clips (MPEG or QuickTime) that support your proposal (instructions for upload will be available soon).

Note: As a general rule, CVPR will not provide equipment. You are strongly encouraged to bring as much of your own equipment as possible. The conference site is equipped with wireless networking, so demonstrators can take advantage of that.


We suggest that participants bring a poster to the session to support their demonstration.



March 15, 2005

Notification of authors submitting by first deadline

March 30, 2005

DVD-ready material for authors submitting by first deadline

April 15, 2005

SECOND DEADLINE (without DVD space)

May 14, 2005

Notification of authors submitting by second deadline

May 31, 2005


Nuno Vasconcelos
nuno @


University of California, San Diego

9500 Gilman Drive, Mail code 0407
EBU 1, Room 5603
La Jolla, CA 92093-0407

Nuno Vasconcelos, January 31, 2005.